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portable (ˈpɔːtəbəl Pronunciation for portable



  1. able to be carried or moved easily, esp by hand
  2. (of software, files, etc) able to be transferred from one type of computer system to another
  3. (archaic) able to be endured; bearable


  1. an article designed to be readily carried by hand, such as a television, speakers, etc

Derived Forms

ˌportaˈbility noun
ˈportably adverb

Word Origin

C14: from Late Latin portābilis, from Latin portāre to carry


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= light, compact, convenient, handy, lightweight, manageable, movable, easily carried, portative

Translations for 'portable'

  • British English: portablePronunciation for portable A portable machine or device is designed to be easily carried or moved.There was a little portable television.ˈpɔːtəbl ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مَحْمُولPronunciation for مَحْمُول
  • Brazilian Portuguese: portátilPronunciation for portátil
  • Chinese: 轻便的Pronunciation for 轻便的
  • Croatian: prenosivPronunciation for prenosiv prenosiva
  • Czech: přenosnýPronunciation for přenosný
  • Danish: bærbarPronunciation for bærbar
  • Dutch: draagbaarPronunciation for draagbaar
  • European Spanish: portátilPronunciation for portátil
  • Finnish: kannettavaPronunciation for kannettava
  • French: portablePronunciation for portablefacile à déplacer
  • German: tragbarPronunciation for tragbar
  • Greek: φορητόςPronunciation for φορητός φορητή
  • Italian: portatilePronunciation for portatile
  • Japanese: 持ち運びできるPronunciation for 持ち運びできる
  • Korean: 휴대형의Pronunciation for 휴대형의
  • Norwegian: bærbarPronunciation for bærbar
  • Polish: przenośnyPronunciation for przenośny przenośna
  • Portuguese: portátilPronunciation for portátil
  • Romanian: portabil portabilă, portabili, portabile
  • Russian: портативныйPronunciation for портативный портативная
  • Spanish: portátilPronunciation for portátil
  • Swedish: bärbarPronunciation for bärbar bärbart
  • Thai: หิ้วได้Pronunciation for หิ้วได้
  • Turkish: taşınabilirPronunciation for taşınabilir
  • Ukrainian: портативний
  • Vietnamese: xách tayPronunciation for xách tay
  • British English: portable A portable is something such as a television, radio, or computer which can be easily carried or moved. NOUNWe bought a colour portable for the bedroom.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: portátil
  • Chinese: 便携式设备便携攜式设設备備
  • European Spanish: aparato portátil
  • French: portable
  • German: Portable
  • Italian: portatile
  • Japanese: 携帯機器
  • Korean: 이동 가능한 물건
  • Portuguese: portátil
  • Spanish: aparato portátil

Example Sentences Including 'portable'

Taking a portable telephone from his jacket pocket, he punched in a number which he'd already committed to memory.
MacNeill, Alastair The Devil's Door
The Stasi were up there on the surface, listening with their portable probes for the sound of jackhammers.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
With a portable satellite communications link similar to the one on the Valkyr, Brunner had queried his Oriental `client".
Terman, Douglas Cormorant


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