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practical joker (ˈpræktɪkəl ˈdʒəʊkə) 



  1. a person with a tendency to play practical jokes on people

practical joke



  1. a prank or trick usually intended to make the victim appear foolish

Derived Forms

practical joker noun

Example Sentences Including 'practical joker'

A self-proclaimed "teddy bear" and " practical joker ", he is also a serious soothsayer with 100 books to his credit.
India Today (1999)
And apparently after he left university he took out an ad in the personal columns of The Times, advertising himself as a practical joker.
Nicola Barker BEHINDLINGS (2002)
BLOODNOK: Yes -- I've never shown it to you before because it's obviously the work of a practical joker.
Alexander Games (compiler) THE ESSENTIAL SPIKE MILLIGAN (2002)
His Newfie buddies called him Thumb Tack because he was a rabble-rouser, a practical joker with blazing Paul Newman eyes.
Globe and Mail (2003)
In the upcoming movie Bewitched, he's practical joker Uncle Arthur, a character played in the original TV series by Paul Lynde.
canada.com (2005)
Remembering a great captain, good friend and inveterate practical joker
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
She also had an improbable pair of connections of her mother's, the practical joker Horace de Vere Cole, and Mrs Neville Chamberlain.
Independent (1998)
The Press were here in strength now, covering the practical joker angle.
Hilton, John Buxton Passion in the Peak


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