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praise (preɪz Pronunciation for praise



  1. the act of expressing commendation, admiration, etc
  2. the extolling of a deity or the rendering of homage and gratitude to a deity
  3. the condition of being commended, admired, etc
  4. (archaic) the reason for praise
  5. See sing someone's praises

verb (transitive)

  1. to express commendation, admiration, etc, for
  2. to proclaim or describe the glorious attributes of (a deity) with homage and thanksgiving

Derived Forms

ˈpraiser noun

Word Origin

C13: from Old French preisier, from Late Latin pretiāre to esteem highly, from Latin pretium prize; compare prize2, precious


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= acclaim, approve of, honour, cheer, admire, applaud, compliment, congratulate, pay tribute to, laud, extol, sing the praises of, pat someone on the back, cry someone up, big up, eulogize, take your hat off to, crack someone up,
= give thanks to, bless, worship, adore, magnify, glorify, exalt, pay homage to

Quotations including 'praise'

  • "Self-praise is no recommendation"

Translations for 'praise'

  • British English: praisePronunciation for praise If you praise someone or something, you express approval for their achievements or qualities.The police officer praised the children for their courage.preɪz VERB
  • Arabic: يُثْنِي عَلَىPronunciation for يُثْنِي عَلَى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: elogiarPronunciation for elogiar
  • Chinese: 赞扬Pronunciation for 赞扬
  • Croatian: hvalitiPronunciation for hvaliti
  • Czech: chválitPronunciation for chválit pochválit
  • Danish: rosePronunciation for rose
  • Dutch: prijzenPronunciation for prijzen
  • European Spanish: elogiarPronunciation for elogiar
  • Finnish: ylistääPronunciation for ylistää
  • French: faire l’élogePronunciation for faire l’éloge
  • German: lobenPronunciation for loben
  • Greek: επαινώPronunciation for επαινώ
  • Italian: lodarePronunciation for lodare
  • Japanese: ほめるPronunciation for ほめる
  • Korean: 칭찬하다Pronunciation for 칭찬하다
  • Norwegian: rosePronunciation for rose
  • Polish: pochwalićPronunciation for pochwalić chwalić
  • Portuguese: elogiarPronunciation for elogiar
  • Romanian: a lăuda
  • Russian: восхвалятьPronunciation for восхвалять
  • Spanish: elogiarPronunciation for elogiar
  • Swedish: berömmaPronunciation for berömma
  • Thai: ชมเชยPronunciation for ชมเชย
  • Turkish: övmekPronunciation for övmek
  • Ukrainian: хвалити похвалити
  • Vietnamese: khenPronunciation for khen
  • British English: praise Praise is what you say or write about someone when you are praising them. NOUNAll the ladies are full of praise for the staff and service they received.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: elogio
  • Chinese: 赞美赞讚美
  • European Spanish: elogio
  • French: éloge
  • German: Lob
  • Italian: elogio
  • Japanese: 褒め言葉
  • Korean: 칭찬
  • Portuguese: elogio
  • Spanish: elogio

Example Sentences Including 'praise'

But nay: the praise of the praiseworthy is above all rewards.
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
I heard nothing but professional praise for the man from guys who were, after all, competitors on the various circuits.
Gagman, Maurice Doubtful Motives
He had interrupted progress through a cheese Danish to heap praise on my report of Murdoch Finnegan's murder.
Matthews, Lew A Conviction of Guilt


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