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precaution (prɪˈkɔːʃən Pronunciation for precaution



  1. an action taken to avoid a dangerous or undesirable event
  2. caution practised beforehand; circumspection

Derived Forms

preˈcautionary, preˈcautional adjective
preˈcautious adjective

Word Origin

C17: from French, from Late Latin praecautiō, from Latin praecavēre to guard against, from prae before + cavēre to beware


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= safeguard, insurance, protection, provision, safety measure, preventative measure, belt and braces

Translations for 'precaution'

  • British English: precautionPronunciation for precaution A precaution is an action that is intended to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening.They took the precaution of getting legal advice.prɪˈkɔːʃən NOUN
  • Arabic: إِحْتِيَاطPronunciation for إِحْتِيَاط
  • Brazilian Portuguese: precauçãoPronunciation for precaução
  • Chinese: 预防Pronunciation for 预防
  • Croatian: predostrožnostPronunciation for predostrožnost
  • Czech: preventivní opatřeníPronunciation for preventivní opatření
  • Danish: forholdsregelPronunciation for forholdsregel
  • Dutch: voorzorgsmaatregelPronunciation for voorzorgsmaatregel
  • European Spanish: precauciónPronunciation for precaución
  • Finnish: varotoimiPronunciation for varotoimi
  • French: précautionPronunciation for précaution
  • German: VorkehrungPronunciation for Vorkehrung
  • Greek: προφύλαξηPronunciation for προφύλαξη
  • Italian: precauzionePronunciation for precauzione
  • Japanese: 用心Pronunciation for 用心
  • Korean: 예방조치Pronunciation for 예방조치
  • Norwegian: forholdsregelPronunciation for forholdsregel
  • Polish: ostrożnośćPronunciation for ostrożność
  • Portuguese: precauçãoPronunciation for precaução
  • Romanian: prevedere prevederi
  • Russian: предосторожностьPronunciation for предосторожность
  • Spanish: precauciónPronunciation for precaución
  • Swedish: förebyggande åtgärdPronunciation for förebyggande åtgärd
  • Thai: การระมัดระวังไว้ก่อนPronunciation for การระมัดระวังไว้ก่อน
  • Turkish: önlemPronunciation for önlem
  • Ukrainian: обережність
  • Vietnamese: lời cảnh báoPronunciation for lời cảnh báo

Example Sentences Including 'precaution'

You must satisfy your principals that every precaution has been taken to protect their investments.
Gagman, Maurice Doubtful Motives
Wu Lin had taken the precaution of keeping the thirty-four rounds in a separate box.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
As an extra precaution he also wore a corset under a sober, beautifully cut Armani suit.
Forbes, Bryan A Song at Twilight


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