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Definitions of preferred

preferred  (prɪˈfɜːd) 



  1. liked better or valued more highly; having preference   ⇒ Her own preferred methods of exercise are hiking and long cycle rides.,   ⇒ I don't want to leave and my preferred option is to stay for another couple of years.,   ⇒ Mr Howard's rating as preferred prime minister fell by 5 percent.,   ⇒ Ipswich is the preferred site for an extension of the Queensland University campus.
The abbreviation for preferred is pf. or pref.

prefer  (prɪˈfɜː



-fers -ferring -ferred
  1. (when transitive, may take a clause as object or an infinitive) to like better or value more highly   ⇒ I prefer to stand
  2. (law) to give preference, esp to one creditor over others
  3. (esp of the police) to put (charges) before a court, judge, magistrate, etc, for consideration and judgment
  4. (transitive; often passive) to advance in rank over another or others; promote
Normally, to is used after prefer and preferable, not than: I prefer Brahms to Tchaikovsky; a small income is preferable to no income at all. However, than or rather than should be used to link infinitives: I prefer to walk than/rather than to catch the train

Derived Forms

preˈferrer  noun

Word Origin

C14: from Latin praeferre to carry in front, prefer, from prae in front + ferre to bear


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= like better, favour, go for, pick, select, adopt, fancy, opt for, single out, plump for, incline towards, be partial to
= choose, elect, opt for, pick, wish, desire, would rather, would sooner, incline towards
= put forward, place, present, press, file, lodge

Example Sentences Including 'preferred'

It had the quality of a fragile dream that he preferred to leave intact, at least for now.
Stuart Harrison LOST SUMMER (2002)
Lirael could even let the boat steer herself in an emergency, but the vessel preferred to feel a human touch.
I wasn't sure if you wouldn't have preferred something more understated.
Anita Anderson SOMEBODY (2002)


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