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pressurized or pressurised (ˈprɛʃəˌraɪzd)



  1. (of an enclosure, such as an aircraft cabin) that has had the internal pressure increased (in order to maintain approximately atmospheric pressure when the external pressure is low)   ⇒ Supplementary oxygen is rarely needed in pressurized aircraft.
  2. (of a container for drinks or food) that forces the contents out when open   ⇒ Certain types of foods are also sold in pressurized canisters.
  3. (of a gas or liquid) having been pressurized
  4. See a pressurized environment

pressurize or pressurise (ˈprɛʃəˌraɪz Pronunciation for )


verb (transitive)

  1. to increase the pressure in (an enclosure, such as an aircraft cabin) in order to maintain approximately atmospheric pressure when the external pressure is low
  2. to increase pressure on (a fluid)
  3. to make insistent demands of (someone); coerce

Derived Forms

ˌpressuriˈzation, ˌpressuriˈsation noun
ˈpressurˌizer, ˈpressurˌiser noun


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= force, drive, compel, intimidate, coerce, dragoon, breathe down someone's neck, browbeat, press-gang, twist someone's arm, turn on the heat, put the screws on

Translations for 'pressurized'

  • British English: pressurized In a pressurized container or area, the pressure inside is different from the pressure outside. ADJECTIVECertain types of foods are also dispensed in pressurized canisters.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pressurizado
  • Chinese: 加压了的加压壓了的
  • European Spanish: a presión
  • French: pressurisé pressurisée
  • German: Druck-
  • Italian: pressurizzato pressurizzata
  • Japanese: 加圧された
  • Korean: 압력을 받는
  • Portuguese: pressurizado pressurizada
  • Spanish: a presión

Example Sentences Including 'pressurized'

I wonder if Law is too pressurized for Adam... I didn't much like the look of his room... too small.
Gee, Maggie Lost Children
There was no road from here to the reed-beds, but the APCs had big tyres, centrally pressurized , and power-steering.
Shah, Idries Kara Kush
This airship is presently pressurized with enough helium to make her fly at seven thousand feet maximum.
Davis, John Gordon Seize the Reckless Wind


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