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Definitions of prince

prince  (prɪns



  1. (in Britain) a son of the sovereign or of one of the sovereign's sons
  2. a nonreigning male member of a sovereign family
  3. the monarch of a small territory, such as Monaco, usually called a principality, that was at some time subordinate to an emperor or king
  4. any sovereign; monarch
  5. a nobleman in various countries, such as Italy and Germany
  6. an outstanding member of a specified group   ⇒ a merchant prince
  7. (US & Canadian, informal) a generous and charming man

Derived Forms

ˈprinceˌlike  adjective

Word Origin

C13: via Old French from Latin princeps first man, ruler, chief


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= ruler, lord, monarch, sovereign, crown prince, liege, potentate, prince regent, crowned head, dynast

Prince  (prɪns



  1. full name Prince Rogers Nelson. born 1958, US rock singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His albums include Dirty Mind (1981), Purple Rain (1984), Parade (1986), and Sign o' the Times (1987)

Translations for 'prince'

  • British English: prince A prince is a male member of a royal family, especially the son of the king or queen of a country....the prince and other royal guests.prɪns NOUN
  • Arabic: أَمِير
  • Brazilian Portuguese: príncipe
  • Chinese: 王子
  • Croatian: princ
  • Czech: princ
  • Danish: prins
  • Dutch: prins
  • European Spanish: príncipe
  • Finnish: prinssi
  • French: prince
  • German: Prinz
  • Greek: πρίγκιπας
  • Italian: principe
  • Japanese: 王子
  • Korean: 왕자
  • Norwegian: prins
  • Polish: książę
  • Portuguese: príncipe
  • Romanian: prinț prinți
  • Russian: принц
  • Spanish: príncipe
  • Swedish: prins
  • Thai: เจ้าชาย
  • Turkish: prens
  • Ukrainian: принц
  • Vietnamese: hoàng tử

Example Sentences Including 'prince'

She needed to learn as much as she could about the Hythrun prince.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
The prince seemed to catch himself on the edge of some fault.
Kerr, Katharine A Time of War
Alex had been the impossible prince , perfect, now forever beyond her reach.
Gaskin, Catherine The Ambassador's Women


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