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pungent  (ˈpʌndʒənt



  1. having an acrid smell or sharp bitter flavour
  2. (of wit, satire, etc) biting; caustic
  3. (biology) ending in a sharp point   ⇒ a pungent leaf

Derived Forms

ˈpungency  noun
ˈpungently  adverb

Word Origin

C16: from Latin pungens piercing, from pungere to prick


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= strong, hot, spicy, seasoned, sharp, acid, bitter, stinging, sour, tart, aromatic, tangy, acrid, peppery, piquant, industrial-strength (mainly humorous), highly flavoured, acerb

Translations for 'pungent'

  • British English: pungent Something that is pungent has a strong, sharp smell or taste which is often so strong that it is unpleasant. ADJECTIVEThe more herbs you use, the more pungent the sauce will be.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pungente
  • Chinese: 刺鼻的
  • European Spanish: acre
  • French: piquant piquante
  • German: scharf
  • Italian: forte
  • Japanese: 刺すように刺激する
  • Korean: 톡 쏘는듯 자극적인
  • Portuguese: pungente
  • Spanish: acre

Example Sentences Including 'pungent'

The tobacco smelled more pungent than any cigarette she'd ever inhaled.
Clive Barker COLDHEART CANYON (2001)
Both he and his companion wore fur hats and smoked pungent , Russian cigarettes.
Townsend, Eileen In Love and War
A pungent smell wafted through the room, overpowering in that confined space.
Amanda Hemingway THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: The Sangreal Trilogy One (2004)


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