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pupae (ˈpjuːpiː) 


plural noun

  1. See pupa

pupa (ˈpjuːpə Pronunciation for pupa



(plural) -pae  (-piː)  -pas
  1. an insect at the immobile nonfeeding stage of development between larva and adult, when many internal changes occur See coarctate, exarate, obtect

Derived Forms

ˈpupal adjective

Word Origin

C19: via New Latin, from Latin: a doll, puppet

Example Sentences Including 'pupae'

Larvae burrow into the tissue for two weeks before breaking out to develop into pupae in the soil.
Misc (1995)
Provide the missing phase of the cycle: Eggs, ___, nymphs, pupae , adults.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
The adult flies tend to emerge from pupae in late spring, they then lay their eggs near the midrib on the underside of holly leaves.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
The pupae of the squash beetle, Epilachna borealis, make their toxic compounds in a similar way.
New Scientist (1998)
They most commonly attack the larvae, eggs and pupae of butterflies and moths, flies, scale insects and other bugs.
Forsythe, Trevor G Successful Organic Pest Control


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