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put off



  1. (transitive, adverb) to postpone or delay   ⇒ they have put off the dance until tomorrow
  2. (transitive, adverb) to evade (a person) by postponement or delay   ⇒ they tried to put him off, but he came anyway
  3. (transitive, adverb) to confuse; disconcert   ⇒ he was put off by her appearance
  4. (transitive, preposition) to cause to lose interest in or enjoyment of   ⇒ the accident put him off driving
  5. (intransitive, adverb) (nautical) to be launched off from shore or from a ship   ⇒ we put off in the lifeboat towards the ship
  6. (transitive, adverb) (archaic) to remove (clothes)


  1. (mainly US) a pretext or delay

Translations for 'put off'

  • British English: put offPronunciation for put off If you put something off, you delay doing it.She put off telling him until the last moment.pʊt ɒf VERB
  • Arabic: يُطْفِئPronunciation for يُطْفِئ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: adiarPronunciation for adiar
  • Chinese: 推迟Pronunciation for 推迟
  • Croatian: odgađatiPronunciation for odgađati
  • Czech: odložitPronunciation for odložit odkládatna později
  • Danish: udsættePronunciation for udsætte
  • Dutch: uitstellenPronunciation for uitstellen
  • European Spanish: posponerPronunciation for posponer
  • Finnish: siirtää myöhemmäksiPronunciation for siirtää myöhemmäksi
  • French: ajournerPronunciation for ajourner
  • German: aufschiebenPronunciation for aufschieben
  • Greek: υπεκφεύγωPronunciation for υπεκφεύγω
  • Italian: rimandarePronunciation for rimandare
  • Japanese: 延期するPronunciation for 延期する
  • Korean: 연기하다Pronunciation for 연기하다
  • Norwegian: utsettePronunciation for utsette
  • Polish: odłożyćPronunciation for odłożyć odkładać
  • Portuguese: adiarPronunciation for adiar
  • Romanian: a amâna
  • Russian: откладыватьPronunciation for откладывать
  • Spanish: posponerPronunciation for posponer
  • Swedish: skjuta uppPronunciation for skjuta upp
  • Thai: เลื่อนออกไปPronunciation for เลื่อนออกไป
  • Turkish: ertelemekPronunciation for ertelemek
  • Ukrainian: відкладати відкласти
  • Vietnamese: hoãnPronunciation for hoãn

Example Sentences Including 'put off'

But as long as England went on picking him, the day of truth was always put off.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
But she always found some reason to put off anything too adventurous.
Clive Barker COLDHEART CANYON (2001)
Despite the hype, the licensing laws are expected to put off some publicans from opening on Saturday for the early match against Cameroon.
Irish Times (2002)
Everyone would enunciate high-sounding principles, mug for the camera and then put off , for another year or two, a true reckoning.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Give them the space to forgive you, but don't be put off if they have a mildly paternalistic tint to their response.
He initially wanted to work in emergency medicine but was put off by what he witnessed in the consultants.
British Medical Journal (2002)
He was taking a wandering course with many turns and doublings, to put off any pursuit.
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
I bought two tickets, charging them to my Visa card to put off the day of reckoning.
Adam, Paul A Nasty Dose of Death
PSNI inquiries are now concluded but the Department has put off its inquiry verdict until the conclusion of the family's legal action.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)


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