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question mark



  1. the punctuation mark ?, used at the end of questions and in other contexts where doubt or ignorance is implied
  2. this mark used for any other purpose, as to draw attention to a possible mistake, as in a chess commentary
  3. an element of doubt or uncertainty

Translations for 'question mark'

  • British English: question mark A question mark is the punctuation mark (?) which is used in writing at the end of a question.He put a question mark next to her name on the list.ˈkwɛstʃən mɑːk NOUN
  • Arabic: عَلامَةُ إِسْتِفْهَام
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ponto de interrogação
  • Chinese: 问号
  • Croatian: upitnik
  • Czech: otazník
  • Danish: spørgsmålstegn
  • Dutch: vraagteken
  • European Spanish: signo de interrogación
  • Finnish: kysymysmerkki
  • French: point d’interrogation
  • German: Fragezeichen Fragezeichen
  • Greek: ερωτηματικό
  • Italian: punto interrogativo
  • Japanese: 疑問符
  • Korean: 의문부호
  • Norwegian: spørsmålstegn
  • Polish: znak zapytania
  • Portuguese: ponto de interrogação
  • Romanian: semn de întrebare semne de întrebare
  • Russian: вопросительный знак
  • Spanish: signo de interrogación
  • Swedish: frågetecken
  • Thai: เครื่องหมายคำถาม
  • Turkish: soru işareti
  • Ukrainian: знак питання
  • Vietnamese: dấu chấm hỏi

Example Sentences Including 'question mark'

He glanced up when he heard me coming, mumbled something about stiff wrists, and bent over like a question mark to address the ball.
Tapply, William G Follow the Sharks
The cover of the menu showed a thin gangling figure, bent like a question mark.
Appiganesi, Lisa Dreams of Innocence
Working swiftly, Pete made an enormous blue question mark , at least a yard high, on the dirty white face of the theatre.
Arthur, Robert Three in One


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