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Definitions of quid

quid1 (kwɪd



  1. a piece of tobacco, suitable for chewing

Word Origin

Old English cwidu chewing resin; related to Old High German quiti glue, Old Norse kvātha resin; see cud

quid2 (kwɪd



Word forms:   plural quid
  1. (British, slang) one pound sterling
  2. See quids in

  3. See not the full quid

Word Origin

C17: of obscure origin

Example Sentences Including 'quid'

We could slap paint on the walls, but we'd have to put a few quid on our cars.
St. James, Ian Final Resort
Say eighty jars at forty pence - I make that thirty-two quid.
Barnard, Robert The Disposal of the Living
They fetched anything from forty quid up to three hundred, depending on how gullible or lewd the buyer was.
Malcolm, John The Gwen John Sculpture


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