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rad1 (ræd Pronunciation for rad1



  1. a former unit of absorbed ionizing radiation dose equivalent to an energy absorption per unit mass of 0.01 joule per kilogram of irradiated material. 1 rad is equivalent to 0.01 gray

Word Origin

C20: shortened from radiation



symbol for

  1. radian



abbreviation for

  1. radical
  2. radius

Example Sentences Including 'rad'

Ask Tamil Nadu Ranji Trophy player S. Sha- rad : "Even I find it difficult to haul that tennis ball over the ropes.
India Today (1996)
Can you imagine the look you would get from Alice in the kiosk at your local gas bar if you asked her to come and check your rad ?
Globe and Mail (2004)
In the sixth position is rad showing what could overcome that inertia.
Cooper, Jason D Using the Runes
The music's gangbusters and rad and fly and extreme and all that well-researched vernacular.
Toronto Sun (2003)
Things that they approve of are invariably described as "awesome" or " rad ".
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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