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Definitions of rallied



past participle of verb, past tense of verb

  1. see rally1, rally2

rally1 (ˈrælɪ



-lies -lying or -lied
  1. to bring (a group, unit, etc) into order, as after dispersal, or (of such a group) to reform and come to order   ⇒  ■ the troops rallied for a final assault
  2. when intr, foll by to to organize (supporters, etc) for a common cause or (of such people) to come together for a purpose
  3. to summon up (one's strength, spirits, etc) or (of a person's health, strength, or spirits) to revive or recover
  4. (intransitive) (stock exchange) to increase sharply after a decline   ⇒  ■ steels rallied after a bad day
  5. (intransitive) (tennis, squash, badminton) to engage in a rally



(plural) -lies
  1. a large gathering of people for a common purpose, esp for some political cause   ⇒  ■ the Nuremberg Rallies
  2. a marked recovery of strength or spirits, as during illness
  3. a return to order after dispersal or rout, as of troops, etc
  4. (stock exchange) a sharp increase in price or trading activity after a decline
  5. (tennis, squash, badminton) an exchange of several shots before one player wins the point
  6. a type of motoring competition over public and closed roads

Derived Forms

ˈrallier  noun

Word Origin

C16: from Old French rallier, from re- + alier to unite; see ally


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= recovery, improvement, comeback (informal), revival, renewal, resurgence, recuperation, turn for the better
= regrouping, stand, reunion, reorganization
= gather together, unite, bring together, regroup, reorganize, reassemble, re-form
= recover, improve, pick up, revive, get better, come round, perk up, recuperate, turn the corner, pull through, take a turn for the better, regain your strength, get your second wind, be on the mend

rally2 (ˈrælɪ



-lies -lying or -lied
  1. to mock or ridicule (someone) in a good-natured way; chaff; tease

Word Origin

C17: from Old French railler to tease; see rail2


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= tease, mock, ridicule, taunt, send up (British) (informal), make fun of, poke fun at, twit, chaff, take the mickey out of (informal)

Example Sentences Including 'rallied'

But Sonia rallied none the less, and praised the Lord with the other sick people living in the church haven.
Emecheta, Buchi Gwendolen
Everyone rallied round me, like we're all doing with Matthew now.
Mosco, Maisie Out of the Ashes
Meanwhile, Herr Fidelity, that brutish dictator, looks down from the grey castle walls and surveys his rallied power with a functional nod.
Edward Docx THE CALLIGRAPHER (2003)


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