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rancid (ˈrænsɪd Pronunciation for rancid



  1. (of butter, bacon, etc) having an unpleasant stale taste or smell as the result of decomposition
  2. (of a taste or smell) rank or sour; stale

Derived Forms

rancidity (rænˈsɪdɪtɪ Pronunciation for rancidity , ˈrancidness noun

Word Origin

C17: from Latin rancidus rank, from rancēre to stink


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= rotten, sour, foul, bad, off, rank, tainted, stale, musty, fetid, putrid, fusty, strong-smelling, frowsty,

Example Sentences Including 'rancid'

It is a plausibly argued restatement of the Pakistani stand on Kashmir but free of the usual rancour and rancid rhetoric.
India Today (1998)
The air was soured by his foetid breath and rancid body odour.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
The ground wheat germ in whole-wheat flour contains oil that can become rancid at room temperature.
Toronto Sun (2003)
The smell up here was stronger: the odour vaguely familiar, like rancid cheese.
Pritchard, John Night Sisters
Their hair was anointed with rancid butter which smelt revolting.
Blashford-Snell, John Something Lost Behind the Ranges
These few plaintive stabs at adornment were undermined by the rancid stench of bait fish setting in a barrel nearby.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)
You could be wearing the finest Armani suit money can buy, but if your breath stinks, you may as well be wearing a glaze of rancid milk.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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