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reckless  (ˈrɛklɪs



  1. having or showing no regard for danger or consequences; heedless; rash   ⇒ a reckless driver,   ⇒ a reckless attempt

Derived Forms

ˈrecklessly  adverb
ˈrecklessness  noun

Word Origin

Old English recceleās (see reck, -less); related to Middle Dutch roekeloos, Old High German ruahhalōs

Translations for 'reckless'

  • British English: reckless If you say that someone is reckless, you mean that they act in a way which shows that they do not care about danger or the effect their behaviour will have on other people. ADJECTIVEHe is charged with reckless driving.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: irresponsável
  • Chinese: 鲁莽的
  • European Spanish: imprudente
  • French: dangereux dangereuse
  • German: rücksichtslos
  • Italian: spericolato spericolata
  • Japanese: 無謀な
  • Korean: 무모한
  • Portuguese: irresponsável
  • Spanish: imprudente

Example Sentences Including 'reckless'

Zanna's Africa was a corrupt and dangerous playground which had turned Austen into a reckless adventurer who believed he was indestructible.
Dexter Petley WHITE LIES (2003)
She pushed him to do things which were at first exciting and then became increasingly more reckless.
Then they all took a deep breath and dived into the music with the reckless abandon of kids bombing a swimming pool.
West, Charles Stage Fright


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