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reclusive (rɪˈkluːsɪv) 



  1. living alone and deliberately avoiding the company of others   ⇒ She had become increasingly ill and reclusive.   ⇒ one of Hollywood's most reclusive stars   ⇒ He was reclusive by nature.

recluse (rɪˈkluːs Pronunciation for recluse



  1. a person who lives in seclusion
  2. a person who lives in solitude to devote himself to prayer and religious meditation; a hermit, anchorite, or anchoress


  1. solitary; retiring

Derived Forms

reclusion (rɪˈkluːʒən Pronunciation for reclusion  noun
reˈclusive adjective

Word Origin

C13: from Old French reclus, from Late Latin reclūdere to shut away, from Latin re- + claudere to close

Translations for 'reclusive'

  • British English: reclusive A reclusive person or animal lives alone and deliberately avoids the company of others. ADJECTIVEShe had been living a reclusive life since her marriage broke up.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: recluso
  • Chinese: 隐居的隐隱居的
  • European Spanish: recluido recluida
  • French: solitaire
  • German: zurückgezogen
  • Italian: segregato segregata
  • Japanese: 孤独を好む
  • Korean: 은둔한
  • Portuguese: recluso reclusa
  • Spanish: recluido recluida

Example Sentences Including 'reclusive'

Davidson, a reclusive 81-year-old billionaire, also owns the Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning.
CBC (2004)
His posthumous reputation, however, is that of a difficult, reclusive man, suspicious by nature, and secretive in his behaviour.
Lisa Jardine THE CURIOUS LIFE OF ROBERT HOOKE: The Man who Measured London (2003)
It made her think that the life they led together was too reclusive , that he needed people more than she did.
Appiganesi, Lisa Dreams of Innocence
Last week the most reclusive master of Indian art emerged to a full glare of the media focused relentlessly on him.
India Today (1998)
The reclusive Stalinist state said it feels "compelled to suspend "participation in the six-nation talks" for an indefinite period.
Samachar (2005)
What you really wanted to do was pretend to be the reclusive Richard Hutton so you didn't have to be seen out with me.
Pacter, Trudi Yellow Bird
`She was well-known but very reclusive... I mean, we rarely saw her in Steeple Fritton.
Christina Jones TICKLED PINK (2002)


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