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recognizance or recognisance (rɪˈkɒɡnɪzəns )



  1. (law)
    1. a bond entered into before a court or magistrate by which a person binds himself to do a specified act, as to appear in court on a stated day, keep the peace, or pay a debt
    2. a monetary sum pledged to the performance of such an act
  2. an obsolete word for recognition

Derived Forms

reˈcognizant, reˈcognisant  adjective

Word Origin

C14: from Old French reconoissance, from reconoistre to recognize

Example Sentences Including 'recognizance'

Cartwright debriefed her the following morning, then released her on her own recognizance , pending further enquiries.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
In the meantime, thanks to the Bail Reform Act, they were freed on their own recognizance and told to return a month later for the hearing.
Wood, Ted Fools Gold


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