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recount (rɪˈkaʊnt Pronunciation for recount



  1. (transitive) to tell the story or details of; narrate

Derived Forms

reˈcountal noun

Word Origin

C15: from Old French reconter, from re- + conter to tell, relate; see count1


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= tell, report, detail, describe, relate, repeat, portray, depict, rehearse, recite, tell the story of, narrate, delineate, enumerate, give an account of




 (riːˈkaʊnt Pronunciation for
  1. to count (votes, etc) again


 (ˈriːˌkaʊnt Pronunciation for
  1. a second or further count, esp of votes in a closely contested election

Translations for 'recount'

  • British English: recount If you recount a story or event, you tell or describe it to people. VERBHe then recounted the story of the interview for his first job.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: relatar
  • Chinese: 叙述叙敘述
  • European Spanish: contar
  • French: raconter
  • German: erzählen
  • Italian: raccontare
  • Japanese: 詳述する
  • Korean: 이야기하다
  • Portuguese: relatar
  • Spanish: contar
  • British English: recount A recount is a second count of votes in an election when the result is very close. NOUNShe wanted a recount. She couldn't believe that I had got more votes than her.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: recontagem
  • Chinese: 复算复<TRAD>覆</TRAD>算敘述
  • European Spanish: recuento
  • French: nouveau décompte
  • German: Nachzählung
  • Italian: nuovo spoglio
  • Japanese: 数え直し
  • Korean: 재검표하다
  • Portuguese: recontagem
  • Spanish: recuento

Example Sentences Including 'recount'

Again for reasons only the muse of theatre could recount , casting agents seem to think he's a perfect authority figure.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)
Even immediately afterwards he found it hard to recount the incident in any detail.
Patrick Bishop FIGHTER BOYS: Saving Britain 1940 (2003)
Frido feared that Kaspar, outraged by some of the things Frido had seen and could recount , would tell himself, `The boy's exaggerating!
Townsend, Eileen In Love and War
He went on to recount what Janice had told him, and Abbot listened with interest.
Penn, John Widow's End
Jenks was a wonderful storyteller and during a quiet moment in the newsroom he would recount some colourful tale.
Belfast Telegraph (2005)
Should Mr Kelly emerge with more votes than Ms Fox, he said, Ms Fox would be within her rights to demand another recount.
Irish Times (2002)
Sometimes, she finds she can't remember enough of the detail to recount them the day after she's heard them.
Various Looking For the Spark
The Taoiseach was not there for his running mate's election (immediately subject to a recount ).
Irish Times (2002)
The walls of the pmr can recount many tales of sordid private deals in private chambers.
India Today (1997)


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