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Red River



  1. Also called: Red River of the South. a river in the S central US, flowing east from N Texas through Arkansas into the Mississippi in Louisiana. Length: 1639 km (1018 miles)
  2. a river in the northern US, flowing north as the border between North Dakota and Minnesota and into Lake Winnipeg, Canada. Length: 515 km (320 miles)
  3. a river in SE Asia, rising in SW China in Yunnan province and flowing southeast across N Vietnam to the Gulf of Tongkin: the chief river of N Vietnam, with an extensive delta. Length: 500 km (310 miles) Vietnamese name: Song Koi

Example Sentences Including 'Red River'

But then one day I saw him in Red River and the whole moral universe shook beneath my feet.
John Walsh ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?: A Life Through the Movies (2004)
For one, there's the Red River College Campus on Princess Street in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Provincial officials say water levels along the Red River are still dropping.
canada.com (2004)
There was an unusual episode at Carlisle when Paul Fessey came off Red River Rebel in the early stages of the second race.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
`I'm the only native female songwriter that's every gone across the Red River and made something of herself.
Independent (1998)


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