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Definitions of regards

regards  (rɪˈɡɑːdz) 


plural noun

  1. good wishes or greetings   ⇒ My best regards to Mary.,   ⇒ Give my regards to Alice.,   ⇒ Give my regards to your family.,   ⇒ Louis sends his regards.,   ⇒ I send this to you with kindest regards.

regard  (rɪˈɡɑːd



  1. to look closely or attentively at (something or someone); observe steadily
  2. (transitive) to hold (a person or thing) in respect, admiration, or affection   ⇒ we regard your work very highly
  3. (transitive) to look upon or consider in a specified way   ⇒ she regarded her brother as her responsibility
  4. (transitive) to relate to; concern; have a bearing on
  5. to take notice of or pay attention to (something); heed   ⇒ he has never regarded the conventions
  6. See as regards


  1. a gaze; look
  2. attention; heed   ⇒ he spends without regard to his bank balance
  3. esteem, affection, or respect
  4. reference, relation, or connection (esp in the phrases with regard to or in regard to)
  5. (plural) good wishes or greetings (esp in the phrase with kind regards, used at the close of a letter)
  6. See in this regard

Derived Forms

reˈgardable  adjective

Word Origin

C14: from Old French regarder to look at, care about, from re- + garder to guard


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= consider, see, hold, rate, view, value, account, judge, treat, think of, esteem, deem, look upon, adjudge
= look at, view, eye, watch, observe, check, notice, clock (British) (slang), remark, check out (informal), gaze at, behold, eyeball (US) (slang), scrutinize, get a load of (informal), take a dekko at (British) (slang)
= heed, mind, note, respect, attend, listen to, pay attention to, take into consideration, take notice of
= good wishes, respects, greetings, compliments, best wishes, salutations, devoirs, RGDS (text messaging)

Example Sentences Including 'regards'

As regards the Mercedes, vague suspicions were useless; what she required was proof.
Loraine, Philip Last Shot
She's longing for Miles to come home, and she still regards herself as engaged to him.
Melville, Anne The Hardie Inheritance
As regards girlfriends, in my years in the Far East I took up where I'd left off at Cambridge.
Harris, Elizabeth Time of the Wolf


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