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repartee (ˌrɛpɑːˈtiː Pronunciation for repartee



  1. a sharp, witty, or aphoristic remark made as a reply
  2. terse rapid conversation consisting of such remarks
  3. skill in making sharp witty replies or conversation

Word Origin

C17: from French repartie, from repartir to retort, from re- + partir to go away

Example Sentences Including 'repartee'

He liked being kept on his toes, and Sarah, poor cow, was not the world's most scintillating mistress of repartee.
Murray, Stephen Death and Transfiguration
Luister composed koans and irreverent poems in Moksha out of duty only, because he was challenged to keep up a certain level of repartee.
Zindell, David The Broken God
Whatever his ability at repartee , his presentation of his paper was deadly.
Lyall, Francis A Death in Time


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