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repetitive (rɪˈpɛtɪtɪv Pronunciation for repetitive



  1. characterized by or given to unnecessary repetition; boring   ⇒ dull, repetitive work

Derived Forms

reˈpetitively adverb
reˈpetitiveness noun

Translations for 'repetitive'

  • British English: repetitivePronunciation for repetitive Repetitive actions are repeated many times and are therefore boring.Factory workers often do repetitive jobs.rɪˈpɛtɪtɪv ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مُتَكَرِّرPronunciation for مُتَكَرِّر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: repetitivoPronunciation for repetitivo repetitiva
  • Chinese: 重复的Pronunciation for 重复的
  • Croatian: repetitivanPronunciation for repetitivan repetitivna
  • Czech: opakující sePronunciation for opakující se
  • Danish: ensformigPronunciation for ensformig
  • Dutch: herhalend (zich)Pronunciation for herhalend (zich)
  • European Spanish: repetitivoPronunciation for repetitivo repetitiva
  • Finnish: itseään toistavaPronunciation for itseään toistava
  • French: répétitifPronunciation for répétitif
  • German: dauernd wiederholend (sich)Pronunciation for dauernd wiederholend (sich)
  • Greek: επαναληπτικόςPronunciation for επαναληπτικός επαναληπτική
  • Italian: ripetitivoPronunciation for ripetitivo ripetitiva
  • Japanese: 反復性のPronunciation for 反復性の
  • Korean: 반복적인Pronunciation for 반복적인
  • Norwegian: repeterendePronunciation for repeterende
  • Polish: powtarzający sięPronunciation for powtarzający się powtarzająca się
  • Portuguese: repetitivoPronunciation for repetitivo repetitiva
  • Romanian: repetabil repetabil, repetabilă, repetabili, repetabile
  • Russian: повторяющийсяPronunciation for повторяющийся повторяющаяся
  • Spanish: repetitivoPronunciation for repetitivo repetitiva
  • Swedish: enformigPronunciation for enformig enformigt
  • Thai: ที่ทำซ้ำซากPronunciation for ที่ทำซ้ำซาก
  • Turkish: tekrarlayanPronunciation for tekrarlayan
  • Ukrainian: повторюваний
  • Vietnamese: lặp đi lặp lạiPronunciation for lặp đi lặp lại


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