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resolution  (ˌrɛzəˈluːʃən



  1. the act or an instance of resolving
  2. the condition or quality of being resolute; firmness or determination
  3. something resolved or determined; decision
  4. a formal expression of opinion by a meeting, esp one agreed by a vote
  5. a judicial decision on some matter; verdict; judgment
  6. the act or process of separating something into its constituent parts or elements
  7. (medicine)
    1. return from a pathological to a normal condition
    2. subsidence of the symptoms of a disease, esp the disappearance of inflammation without the formation of pus
  8. (music) the process in harmony whereby a dissonant note or chord is followed by a consonant one
  9. the ability of a television or film image to reproduce fine detail
  10. (physics) another word for resolving power

Derived Forms

ˌresoˈlutioner, ˌresoˈlutionist  noun

Translations for 'resolution'

  • British English: resolution A resolution is a formal decision taken at a meeting by means of a vote.The resolution declared the republic independent.ˌrɛzəˈluːʃən NOUN
  • Arabic: قَرَار
  • Brazilian Portuguese: resolução
  • Chinese: 决议
  • Croatian: rezolucija
  • Czech: usnesení
  • Danish: resolution
  • Dutch: resolutie
  • European Spanish: resolución
  • Finnish: päättäväisyys
  • French: résolution
  • German: Entschlossenheit
  • Greek: αποφασιστικότητα
  • Italian: risoluzione
  • Japanese: 決意
  • Korean: 결심
  • Norwegian: besluttsomhet
  • Polish: postanowienie
  • Portuguese: resolução
  • Romanian: hotărâre hotărâri
  • Russian: резолюция
  • Spanish: resolución
  • Swedish: upplösning
  • Thai: มติ
  • Turkish: kararlılık
  • Ukrainian: рішення
  • Vietnamese: nghị quyết

Example Sentences Including 'resolution'

I made a firm resolution to break Harry Raymond's legs for setting me up like this.
Adam, Paul A Nasty Dose of Death
He put his hands under her arms and lifted her up to him, cautious still, though with taut, unequivocal resolution.
McCorquodale, Robin Dansville
The screen shows capital white letters on a dark blue background: very high resolution.
Trenhalle, John A Means to Evil


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