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revel (ˈrɛvəl Pronunciation for revel



-els, -elling, -elled, (US) -els, -eling, -eled (intransitive)
  1. (followed by in) to take pleasure or wallow   ⇒ to revel in success
  2. to take part in noisy festivities; make merry


  1. (often plural) an occasion of noisy merrymaking
  2. a less common word for revelry

Derived Forms

ˈreveller, (US) ˈreveler noun
ˈrevelment noun

Word Origin

C14: from Old French reveler to be merry, noisy, from Latin rebellāre to revolt, rebel


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= celebrate, rave, carouse, live it up, push the boat out, whoop it up, make merry, paint the town red, large it, go on a spree, roister
= merrymaking, party, celebration, rave, gala, spree, festivity, beano, debauch, saturnalia, bacchanal, rave-up, jollification, carousal, hooley or hoolie, carouse

Translations for 'revel'

  • British English: revel If you revel in a situation or experience, you enjoy it very much. VERBRevelling in her freedom, she took a hotel room and stayed for several days.to revel in sth
  • Brazilian Portuguese: desfrutar
  • Chinese: 陶醉
  • European Spanish: gozar
  • French: se délecter
  • German: genießen
  • Italian: provare piacere
  • Japanese: とても喜ぶ
  • Korean: 한껏 즐기다
  • Portuguese: desfrutar
  • Spanish: gozar

Example Sentences Including 'revel'

You know Albert would rather eat his own head than miss an opportunity to revel in a bit of doom and gloom.
Bénédicte Newland and Pascale Smets AND GOD CREATED THE AU PAIR (2005)
Yet when I came through the woods last Thursday morning, I heard a woman singing a song whose whole point was to revel in those sins.
Hilton, John Buxton Passion in the Peak
Both Julie and Marie seemed to revel in his old-fashioned chivalry.
Tapply, William G A Rodent of Doubt


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