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rigorous  (ˈrɪɡərəs



  1. characterized by or proceeding from rigour; harsh, strict, or severe   ⇒ rigorous discipline
  2. severely accurate; scrupulous   ⇒ rigorous book-keeping
  3. (esp of weather) extreme or harsh
  4. (mathematics, logic) (of a proof) making the validity of the successive steps completely explicit

Derived Forms

ˈrigorously  adverb
ˈrigorousness  noun

Translations for 'rigorous'

  • British English: rigorous A test, system, or procedure that is rigorous is very thorough and strict. ADJECTIVEThe selection process is based on rigorous tests of competence and experience.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rigoroso
  • Chinese: > 严格缜密的测试、制度、程序> 严嚴格缜縝密的
  • European Spanish: riguroso rigurosa
  • French: rigoureux rigoureuse
  • German: rigoros
  • Italian: rigoroso rigorosa
  • Japanese: 厳密な
  • Korean: 엄격한
  • Portuguese: rigoroso
  • Spanish: riguroso rigurosa

Example Sentences Including 'rigorous'

His employees benefited from some of the most rigorous safety directives of any employees in the land.
No, Nora, the most rigorous activity James Kennerly engages in is the one we'll refrain from mentioning.
Bringle, Mary Death of an Unknown Man
In that case, his trial will result in, shall we say, only about twelve years " rigorous imprisonment.
Shah, Idries Kara Kush


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