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rim (rɪm Pronunciation for rim



  1. the raised edge of an object, esp of something more or less circular such as a cup or crater
  2. the peripheral part of a wheel, to which the tyre is attached
  3. (basketball) the hoop from which the net is suspended


Word forms:  rims,  rimming,  rimmed
  1. to put a rim on (a pot, cup, wheel, etc)
  2. (slang) to lick, kiss, or suck the anus of (one's sexual partner)
  3. (ball games) (of a ball) to run around the edge of (a hole, basket, etc)

Word Origin

Old English rima; related to Old Saxon rimi, Old Norse rimi ridge



abbreviation for

  1. Mauritania (international car registration)

Word Origin

From République Islamique de Mauritanie

Translations for 'rim'

  • British English: rimPronunciation for rim The rim of a container or a circular object is the edge which goes all the way round the top or round the outside....a round mirror with a white metal rim.rɪm NOUN
  • Arabic: حَافَّةPronunciation for حَافَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bordaPronunciation for borda
  • Chinese: 边缘Pronunciation for 边缘
  • Croatian: rubPronunciation for rub
  • Czech: okrajPronunciation for okraj
  • Danish: kantPronunciation for kant
  • Dutch: randPronunciation for rand
  • European Spanish: bordePronunciation for borde
  • Finnish: reunaPronunciation for reunaastian tms.
  • French: bordPronunciation for bord
  • German: RandPronunciation for Rand Ränder
  • Greek: ζάνταPronunciation for ζάντα
  • Italian: bordoPronunciation for bordo
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 縁
  • Korean: 테두리Pronunciation for 테두리
  • Norwegian: kantPronunciation for kant
  • Polish: obręczPronunciation for obręcz
  • Portuguese: bordaPronunciation for borda
  • Romanian: cadru cadre
  • Russian: ободPronunciation for обод
  • Spanish: bordePronunciation for borde
  • Swedish: kantPronunciation for kant
  • Thai: ขอบPronunciation for ขอบริม
  • Turkish: ağızPronunciation for ağızçaydanlık vb
  • Ukrainian: обідок
  • Vietnamese: vànhPronunciation for vành

Example Sentences Including 'rim'

As the ball reached the rim , Kidd jumped up and made contact with the net.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
But not shaken, not stirred, not salted around the rim , not heated and chilled and foaming over with electoral anticipation.
Globe and Mail (2003)
He flashed a quick glance of assessment at her over the rim , then relented.
Mamma Ro, £3.25, 0141 332 4040 Lime green saucer with a banana yellow rim.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Mogget climbed down gracefully, disappearing below the rim of the bathtub.
Opportunity is inside the Endurance crater, having plunged over the rim on Friday in what could be a journey of no return.
New Scientist (2004)
So the edge of the Asian continent coincided with the line where the rim of the adjacent oceanic plate plunged downwards.
Richard Fortey THE EARTH: An Intimate History (2004)
The wooded hills on the rim of the town's bowl were almost totally eclipsed by heavy cloud.
Hilton, John Buxton Passion in the Peak


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