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rite  (raɪt



  1. a formal act or procedure prescribed or customary in religious ceremonies   ⇒ fertility rites,   ⇒ the rite of baptism
  2. a particular body of such acts or procedures, esp of a particular Christian Church   ⇒ the Latin rite
  3. a Christian Church   ⇒ the Greek rite

Word Origin

C14: from Latin rītus religious ceremony

Translations for 'rite'

  • British English: rite A rite is a traditional ceremony that is carried out by a particular group or within a particular society. NOUNMost traditional societies have transition rites at puberty.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rito
  • Chinese: 传统仪式传傳统統仪儀式
  • European Spanish: rito
  • French: rite
  • German: Ritus
  • Italian: rito
  • Japanese: 儀式
  • Korean: 의식
  • Portuguese: rito
  • Spanish: rito

Example Sentences Including 'rite'

I see it as an aspect of the ministry of healing, and the pastoral after-care is as important as the rite itself.
Howatch, Susan Absolute Truths
They had to perform the cleansing rite on the bodies or bind them so they couldn't be used to house spirits brought from Death.
Now he looked like he was on a rite of passage, his first solo task.
Dexter Petley WHITE LIES (2003)


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