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rock salt



  1. another name for halite

Example Sentences Including 'rock salt'

Helpful hint: A bag of rock salt costs about $3 and makes the job a whole lot easier.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
Hold the rock salt and go back to old-fashioned iodised salt for the health of the country, say two health experts.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
Personally, I would not have served the foie gras sprinkled with rock salt.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Salt is used in making some particular types of potpourri; where possible use sea salt or pure rock salt with no chemical additives.
Stickland, Sue Planning the Organic Herb Garden
She tosses handfuls of flaky, black brick tea into the water, then adds rock salt and an unhealthy scoop of pungent yellow yak's butter.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)


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