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Rotterdam (ˈrɒtəˌdæm Pronunciation for Rotterdam



  1. a port in the SW Netherlands, in South Holland province: the second largest city of the Netherlands and one of the world's largest ports; oil refineries, shipbuilding yards, etc. Pop: 600 000 (2003 est)

Example Sentences Including 'Rotterdam'

A key part of the Rotterdam trial will be to see if this idea works.
New Scientist (2003)
A week ago, police detained four people in Rotterdam who were suspected of belonging to an international network of radical Muslims.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
But we know now that the Wilhelmina Rosen's next destination will be Rotterdam.
Fear reigns across Iraq on the eve of election Iraqi expatriates in the Netherlands vote at a polling station in Rotterdam on Friday.
Globe and Mail (2005)
Federer maintains a stranglehold on the world No. 1 mark - 2060 points clear - after his breakthrough triumph in Rotterdam last week.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)
ICI invested 100 million in the expansion of its subsidiary in Rotterdam in 1961 (Schneider, 1968, pp.
Overbeek, Henk Global Capitalism and National Decline
The woman found it on her fifth try - the Pelican, out of Rotterdam , bound for Iceland.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
There was Graham Taylor, performing his tragi-comic touchline routine in Rotterdam six years ago.
Independent (1999)
`There's a Sealink ferry out of Felixstowe for Rotterdam 'bout mid-morning tomorrow, guv.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant


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