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rudely (ˈruːdlɪ) 



  1. insultingly or uncivilly; discourteously; impolitely   ⇒ I have never been treated more rudely by a stranger.   ⇒ We were rudely ignored.   ⇒ as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted
  2. unexpectedly and unpleasantly   ⇒ That illusion was about to be rudely shattered.

    to be rudely awakened to be made to face an unpleasant fact

rude (ruːd Pronunciation for rude



  1. insulting or uncivil; discourteous; impolite   ⇒ he was rude about her hairstyle
  2. lacking refinement; coarse or uncouth
  3. vulgar or obscene   ⇒ a rude joke
  4. unexpected and unpleasant   ⇒ a rude awakening to the facts of economic life
  5. roughly or crudely made   ⇒ we made a rude shelter on the island
  6. rough or harsh in sound, appearance, or behaviour
  7. humble or lowly
  8. (prenominal) robust or sturdy   ⇒ in rude health
  9. (prenominal) approximate or imprecise   ⇒ a rude estimate

Derived Forms

ˈrudely adverb
ˈrudeness, (informal) ˈrudery noun

Word Origin

C14: via Old French from Latin rudis coarse, unformed

Example Sentences Including 'rudely'

George was rudely aroused from her reflection by a woman's shrill scream.
Keene, Carolyn The Witch Tree Symbol
He carried a machine gun casually; he spoke as rudely to the General as he did to Kostas.
Harvey, John Coup d'Etat
I phoned to complain and was rudely told that all the trees in the area will be chopped down.
SA Star (2005)
I took particular delight in Arsenal's misfortune because it rudely punctured Arsene Wenger's increasingly irritating hubris.
In the morning the landlord comes down and rudely awakens them by loosening the ropes.
Grace, C.L A Shrine of Murders
RESPECT Finchem also said he was not worried that Sorenstam might be treated rudely by her male counterparts.
Toronto Sun (2003)
She was wrenched from Dragon School and her days of thinking herself a boy were rudely ended.
Benton, Jill Naomi Mitchison - A Century of Experiment in Life and Letters
The reflected brilliance of the tin roofs jars rudely against the serenity of the plains.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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