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rude (ruːd Pronunciation for rude



  1. insulting or uncivil; discourteous; impolite   ⇒ he was rude about her hairstyle
  2. lacking refinement; coarse or uncouth
  3. vulgar or obscene   ⇒ a rude joke
  4. unexpected and unpleasant   ⇒ a rude awakening to the facts of economic life
  5. roughly or crudely made   ⇒ we made a rude shelter on the island
  6. rough or harsh in sound, appearance, or behaviour
  7. humble or lowly
  8. (prenominal) robust or sturdy   ⇒ in rude health
  9. (prenominal) approximate or imprecise   ⇒ a rude estimate

Derived Forms

ˈrudely adverb
ˈrudeness, (informal) ˈrudery noun

Word Origin

C14: via Old French from Latin rudis coarse, unformed

Translations for 'rude'

  • British English: rudePronunciation for rude If someone is rude, they behave in a way that is not polite.He's rude to her friends.ruːd ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: وَقِحPronunciation for وَقِح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: grosseiroPronunciation for grosseiro grosseira
  • Chinese: 粗鲁的Pronunciation for 粗鲁的
  • Croatian: nepristojanPronunciation for nepristojan nepristojna
  • Czech: sprostýPronunciation for sprostý
  • Danish: uforskammetPronunciation for uforskammet
  • Dutch: ongemanierdPronunciation for ongemanierd
  • European Spanish: maleducadoPronunciation for maleducado maleducada
  • Finnish: epäkohteliasPronunciation for epäkohtelias
  • French: grossierPronunciation for grossier grossièreimpoli
  • German: unverschämtPronunciation for unverschämt
  • Greek: αγενήςPronunciation for αγενής
  • Italian: maleducatoPronunciation for maleducato maleducata
  • Japanese: 失礼なPronunciation for 失礼な
  • Korean: 무례한Pronunciation for 무례한
  • Norwegian: uhøfligPronunciation for uhøflig
  • Polish: nieuprzejmyPronunciation for nieuprzejmy nieuprzejma
  • Portuguese: rudePronunciation for rude
  • Romanian: nepoliticos nepoliticos, nepoliticoasă, nepoliticoși, nepoliticoase
  • Russian: грубыйPronunciation for грубый грубая
  • Spanish: maleducadoPronunciation for maleducado maleducada
  • Swedish: oartigPronunciation for oartig oartigt
  • Thai: หยาบคายPronunciation for หยาบคาย
  • Turkish: kabaPronunciation for kabadavranış
  • Ukrainian: грубий
  • Vietnamese: bất lịch sựPronunciation for bất lịch sự

Example Sentences Including 'rude'

From rude Latin inefficiency, I went to polite Anglo-Saxon inefficiency.
British Medical Journal (2002)
Her reverie was interrupted by the rude blurt of the entryphone buzzer.
I wouldn't let him into the house and I was rude to my mum," she added.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Last month he made headlines in Taiwan by telling photographers they were a bunch of rude , vile pigs.
canada.com (2004)
The children's bus, clearly identifiable as American because of its logo, was met with rude gestures on the street.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Then you just need 7 Special sexualities Q I am irresistibly drawn towards things considered to be rude or even `kinky".
Hodson, Phillip & Hooper, Anne 365 Ways to a Happy Sex Life
Then, just before disappearing into the fog, he grinned at us and made a rude gesture.
Innes, Hammond High Stand
Very rude , those Victorians, despite all their sermonizing.
Butterworth, Michael The Five Million Dollar Prince


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