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rundown (ˈrʌndaʊn) 



  1. (informal) if you give someone a run-down of a group of things or a run-down on something, you give them details about it.   ⇒ Here's a rundown of the options.

    to give sb a rundown on sth

  2. (industry, British) when the run-down of an industry or organization takes place, its size or the amount of work that it does is reduced   ⇒ the rundown of the coal industry


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= exhausted, weak, tired, drained, fatigued, weary, unhealthy, worn-out, debilitated, below par, under the weather, enervated, out of condition, peaky,

run-down or run down (ˌrʌnˈdaʊn)



  1. (informal) tired or slightly ill   ⇒ times when you are feeling tired and run-down
  2. in very poor condition; neglected   ⇒ one of the most run-down areas of the city   ⇒ a run-down block of flats
  3. A run-down place of business is not as active as it used to be or does not have many customers   ⇒ a run-down slate quarry

Translations for 'rundown'

  • British English: run-downrundown If someone is run-down, they are tired or slightly ill. ADJECTIVE...times when you are feeling tired and run-down.person
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cansado
  • Chinese: 疲惫的疲惫憊的
  • European Spanish: apático apática
  • French: vanné vannée
  • German: abgespannt
  • Italian: giù di forma
  • Japanese: 体調が悪い
  • Korean: 지친
  • Portuguese: cansado cansada
  • Spanish: apático apática
  • British English: run-down If you give someone a run-down of a group of things or a run-down on something, you give them details about it. NOUNHere's a rundown of the options.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: detalhamento
  • Chinese: 流程憊的
  • European Spanish: resumen
  • French: vue d'ensemble
  • German: Zusammenfassung
  • Italian: sintesi
  • Japanese: 概要
  • Korean: 설명
  • Portuguese: resumo
  • Spanish: resumen
  • British English: run-down A run-down building or area is in very poor condition. ADJECTIVEThey have put substantial funds into rebuilding one of the most run-down areas.building
  • Brazilian Portuguese: degradado
  • Chinese: 破败的房屋等破败敗的
  • European Spanish: deteriorado deteriorada
  • French: délabré délabrée
  • German: heruntergekommen
  • Italian: degradato degradata
  • Japanese: 荒廃した
  • Korean: 황폐한
  • Portuguese: degradado degradada
  • Spanish: deteriorado deteriorada

Example Sentences Including 'rundown'

For example, anemia and thyroid disorders can make people feel rundown and looked peaked.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
From both land and water, the place looked like a deserted, rundown boat repair yard.
He has an application before Charles Sturt Council for 48 apartments near the water at West Lakes, replacing a rundown building.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)
The Thatcher government has done very little to counter this rundown of the Fordist industries in Britain.
Overbeek, Henk Global Capitalism and National Decline
The address Geraldine Hope had given him turned out to be a nondescript street of Victorian brick semis in a rundown area of Tynemouth.
Stuart Harrison LOST SUMMER (2002)
This might just give us a rundown on his whereabouts last night.
Wood, Ted Snowjob
Veteran DJ JOHN PEEL is to present the Chart rundown for the first time in his 35-year career.
NME (New Musical Express) (2002)


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