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sae (se Pronunciation for sae



  1. a Scot word for so1 (sense 1)



abbreviation for

(in the US)
  1. Society of Automotive Engineers



abbreviation for

  1. stamped addressed envelope

Example Sentences Including 'sae'

For free diet advice, write to Sun Slimming Dept, 1 Virginia St, London E1 9XP, enclosing sae.
Sun, News of the World (1999)
MAMA: to contact a local group please write, with a sae to 26A Cumnor Hill, Oxford OX3 9HA.
Rodwell, Lee The Single Woman's Survival Guide
Send two first- class stamps and A5 sae for a full-colour catalogue.
Country Life (2005)
You can also write to me, Sally Ann Voak, Sun Nutrition Department, The Sun, 1 Virginia Street, London E1 9XP, enclosing an sae.
Sun, News of the World (1999)


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