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sales pitch or sales talk



  1. an argument or other persuasion used in selling

Translations for 'sales pitch'

  • British English: sales pitch A salesperson's sales pitch is what they say in order to persuade someone to buy something from them. NOUNHis sales pitch was smooth and convincing.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lábia de vendedor
  • Chinese: 推销辞令推销銷辞辭令
  • European Spanish: discurso de venta
  • French: arguments de vente
  • German: Verkaufstechnik
  • Italian: argomentazione di vendita
  • Japanese: 営業トーク
  • Korean: 구매 권유
  • Portuguese: lábia de vendedor
  • Spanish: discurso de venta

Example Sentences Including 'sales pitch'

"I'd expected a harder sales pitch , a request for a down payment, at least.
Pickard, Nancy No Body
He actually chose the companies to buy and did the sales pitch to backers.
Anita Anderson SOMEBODY (2002)
`Tarra, you don't think all this has merely been leading up to a sales pitch , do you?
Anita Anderson SUMMER OF SECRETS (2003)


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