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abbreviation for

  1. South African Police Service

sap1 (sæp Pronunciation for sap1



  1. a solution of mineral salts, sugars, etc, that circulates in a plant
  2. any vital body fluid
  3. energy; vigour
  4. (slang) a gullible or foolish person
  5. another name for sapwood


Word forms:  saps,  sapping,  sapped
  1. to drain of sap

Derived Forms

ˈsapless adjective

Word Origin

Old English sæp; related to Old High German sapf, German Saft juice, Middle Low German sapp, Sanskrit sabar milk juice


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= juice, essence, vital fluid, secretion, lifeblood, plant fluid
= fool, jerk, idiot, noodle, wally, wet, charlie, drip, gull, prat, plonker, noddy, twit, chump, oaf, simpleton, nitwit, ninny, nincompoop, dweeb, putz, wuss, Simple Simon, weenie, muggins, eejit, thicko, dumb-ass, gobshite, numpty, doofus, nerd or nurd, numskull or numbskull, dorba or dorb, bogan

sap2 (sæp Pronunciation for sap2



  1. a deep and narrow trench used to approach or undermine an enemy position, esp in siege warfare


Word forms:  saps,  sapping,  sapped
  1. to undermine (a fortification, etc) by digging saps
  2. (transitive) to weaken

Word Origin

C16 zappe, from Italian zappa spade, of uncertain origin; perhaps from Old Italian (dialect) zappo a goat

Example Sentences Including 'SAPS'

"In light of this fact," asked Jankielsohn in a media statement, "how can the public be expected to have confidence in the SAPS ?
SA Star (2004)
It means that at last the matter of where the Scorpions fall - within the NPA, the SAPS or elsewhere - will be settled.
SA Star (2005)
Severity of illness was measured by the SAPS II scoring system.
British Medical Journal (2002)


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