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Saskatchewan (sæsˈkætʃɪwən Pronunciation for Saskatchewan



  1. a province of W Canada: consists of part of the Canadian Shield in the north and open prairie in the south; economy based chiefly on agriculture and mineral resources. Capital: Regina. Pop: 1 033 381 (2011 est). Area: 651 900 sq km (251 700 sq miles) Abbreviation: Sask, SK
  2. a river in W Canada, formed by the confluence of the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers: flows east to Lake Winnipeg. Length: 596 km (370 miles)

Example Sentences Including 'Saskatchewan'

, `Effect of surveillance on the number of hysterectomies in the province of Saskatchewan ".
Hufnagel, Dr Vicki & Golant, Susan K No More Hysterectomies
His paternal grandfather, Edward, made his fortune farming 200 acres of land, which he'd bought for just $6, in Saskatchewan , Canada.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Saskatchewan and Manitoba can get pretty bleak in the winter, except in the cities.
Wright, Eric A Body Surrounded by Water
The Monsanto v Schmeiser case Percy Schmeiser is a 71-year-old farmer in Bruno, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
The headdresses have almost disappeared from Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Watt, a silver medalist two years ago at the Canadian championships, has helped put Saskatchewan on the map as a skating province.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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