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sauna  (ˈsɔːnə



  1. an invigorating bath originating in Finland in which the bather is subjected to hot steam, usually followed by a cold plunge or by being lightly beaten with birch twigs
  2. the place in which such a bath is taken

Word Origin

C20: from Finnish

Translations for 'sauna'

  • British English: sauna A sauna is a hot steam bath.Every month I have a sauna.ˈsɔːnə NOUN
  • Arabic: حَمَّامُ بُخَار
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sauna
  • Chinese: 桑那
  • Croatian: sauna
  • Czech: sauna
  • Danish: sauna
  • Dutch: sauna
  • European Spanish: sauna
  • Finnish: sauna
  • French: sauna
  • German: Sauna
  • Greek: σάουνα
  • Italian: sauna
  • Japanese: サウナ
  • Korean: 사우나
  • Norwegian: badstue
  • Polish: sauna
  • Portuguese: sauna
  • Romanian: saună saune
  • Russian: сауна
  • Spanish: sauna
  • Swedish: bastu
  • Thai: การอบเซาน่า
  • Turkish: sauna
  • Ukrainian: сауна
  • Vietnamese: bồn tắm hơi

Example Sentences Including 'sauna'

But under cover of opening her locker and heading for the showers, Petra unobtrusively dropped the sauna key in Carol's lap.
They walked together, Moira's arm around her waist, to the sauna.
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman
Afterwards, the three of them had cappuccino together in the club cafe, waiting for Moira to arrive for her sauna.
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman


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