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Sava (ˈsɑːvə Pronunciation for Sava or Save (sɑːv Pronunciation for Save



  1. a river in SE Europe, rising in NW Slovenia and flowing east and south to the Danube at Belgrade. Length: 940 km (584 miles)

Example Sentences Including 'Sava'

Fr Sava said the Albanians had broken in and looted flats belonging to Serbs, while numerous rapes had been reported.
Misc (1999)
I sipped cool water drawn from St Sava 's well, by a grapevine supposedly grown from his father's marrow.
Christopher Merrill JOURNEY TO THE HOLY MOUNTAIN: Meditations on Mount Athos (2004)
Northern Bosnia between the Krajina and the river Sava contains the largest mass of Serbs in Bosnia.
Misc (1995)
They're not going to have a picture of me in Sava News, are they?
Jane Asher LOSING IT (2002)


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