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scandal  (ˈskændəl



  1. a disgraceful action or event   ⇒ his negligence was a scandal
  2. censure or outrage arising from an action or event
  3. a person whose conduct causes reproach or disgrace
  4. malicious talk, esp gossip about the private lives of other people
  5. (law) a libellous action or statement

verb (transitive)

  1. to disgrace
  2. to scandalize

Derived Forms

ˈscandalous  adjective
ˈscandalously  adverb
ˈscandalousness  noun

Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin scandalum stumbling block, from Greek skandalon a trap


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= disgrace, crime, offence, sin, embarrassment, misconduct, wrongdoing, skeleton in the cupboard, shocking incident, dishonourable behaviour, discreditable behaviour
= gossip, goss (informal), talk, rumours, dirt, defamation, slander, tattle, dirty linen (informal), calumny, backbiting, muckraking, aspersion, scandalmongering
= outrage, shame, insult, disgrace, injustice, crying shame

Quotations including 'scandal'

  • "It is public scandal that constitutes offence, and to sin in secret is not to sin at all" [Molière

Translations for 'scandal'

  • British English: scandal A scandal is a situation, event, or someone's behaviour that shocks a lot of people because they think it is immoral....a financial scandal.ˈskændl NOUN
  • Arabic: فَضِيحَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: escândalo
  • Chinese: 丑闻
  • Croatian: skandal
  • Czech: skandál
  • Danish: skandale
  • Dutch: schandaal
  • European Spanish: escándalo
  • Finnish: skandaali
  • French: scandale
  • German: Skandal
  • Greek: σκάνδαλο
  • Italian: scandalo
  • Japanese: スキャンダル
  • Korean: 추문
  • Norwegian: skandale
  • Polish: skandal
  • Portuguese: escândalo
  • Romanian: scandal scandaluri
  • Russian: скандал
  • Spanish: escándalo
  • Swedish: skandal
  • Thai: เรื่องอื้อฉาว
  • Turkish: skandal
  • Ukrainian: скандал
  • Vietnamese: vụ bê bối

Example Sentences Including 'scandal'

Abel and Lucy had filled him in on the story, or rather the scandal.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)
If any of them decided to tell their trouble to one of the scandal sheets, you could be pilloried.
Babson, Marian Death in Fashion
You know what it was like in those days, the less scandal about the police, the better.
Cleary, Jon Murder Song


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