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Definitions of scheming

scheming  (ˈskiːmɪŋ



  1. given to making plots; cunning


  1. intrigues

Derived Forms

ˈschemingly  adverb

scheme  (skiːm



  1. a systematic plan for a course of action
  2. a systematic arrangement of correlated parts; system
  3. a secret plot
  4. a visionary or unrealizable project
  5. a chart, diagram, or outline
  6. an astrological diagram giving the aspects of celestial bodies at a particular time
  7. (mainly British) a plan formally adopted by a commercial enterprise or governmental body, as for pensions, etc
  8. (mainly Scottish) an area of housing that is laid out esp by a local authority; estate


  1. (transitive) to devise a system for
  2. to form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner

Derived Forms

ˈschemer  noun

Word Origin

C16: from Latin schema, from Greek skhēma form

Quotations including 'scheming'

  • "The best laid schemes o' mice an' menGang aft a-gley" [Robert Burns

Example Sentences Including 'scheming'

No doubt the evil fool was plotting something, then, lurking in his own territory and scheming no good.
Kerr, Katharine A Time of War
Her personality was by no means at odds with the idea of a scheming woman.
Kallen, Lucille C B Greenfield - A Little Madness


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