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schmaltz or schmalz (ʃmælts Pronunciation for ʃmɔːlts Pronunciation for )



  1. excessive sentimentality, esp in music
  2. (US) animal fat used in cooking

Word Origin

C20: from German (Schmalz) and Yiddish: melted fat, from Old High German smalz

Example Sentences Including 'schmaltz'

For this it scrapes a B-plus, but the rest of its report is let down by predictable schmaltz.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
OK, so this film is predictable, but the slapstick talents of Allen, Curtis and Aykroyd save it before you're baked in schmaltz.
Megastar (2004)
The diva turned up with just the right amount of schmaltz , glamour and good songs to deliver one of 1998's better performances.
Misc (1998)
The time when schmaltz is in the air along with dozens of silly heart-shaped balloons.
SA Star (2005)
There is nothing more revolting than tasteful schmaltz such as this.
Times, Sunday Times (2005)
When his noise manages to steer clear of bombast, boot tap and schmaltz , it has undeniable power and beauty.
Irma Kurtz THEN AGAIN: Travels in search of my younger self (2003)


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