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Definitions of school

school1  (skuːl



    1. an institution or building at which children and young people usually under 19 receive education
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ school bus,   ⇒ school day
    3. (in combination)   ⇒ schoolroom,   ⇒ schoolwork
  1. any educational institution or building
  2. a faculty, institution, or department specializing in a particular subject   ⇒ a law school
  3. the staff and pupils of a school
  4. the period of instruction in a school or one session of this   ⇒ he stayed after school to do extra work
  5. meetings held occasionally for members of a profession, etc
  6. a place or sphere of activity that instructs   ⇒ the school of hard knocks
  7. a body of people or pupils adhering to a certain set of principles, doctrines, or methods
  8. a group of artists, writers, etc, linked by the same style, teachers, or aims   ⇒ the Venetian school of painting
  9. a style of life   ⇒ a gentleman of the old school
  10. (informal) a group assembled for a common purpose, esp gambling or drinking

verb (transitive)

  1. to train or educate in or as in a school
  2. to discipline or control
  3. an archaic word for reprimand

Word Origin

Old English scōl, from Latin schola school, from Greek skholē leisure spent in the pursuit of knowledge


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= academy, college, institution, institute, discipline, seminary, educational institution, centre of learning, alma mater
= group, set, circle, following, class, faction, followers, disciples, sect, devotees, denomination, clique, adherents, schism

Quotations including 'school'

  • "School is where you go between when your parents can't take you and industry can't take you" [John Updike]
  • "A school is not a factory. Its raison d'être is to provide opportunity for experience" [J.L. Carr

school2  (skuːl



  1. a group of porpoises or similar aquatic animals that swim together


  1. (intransitive) to form such a group

Word Origin

Old English scolu shoal2

Translations for 'school'

  • British English: school A school is a place where people go to learn.Most of the pupils travel to school by bus.Many new schools have been built.skuːl NOUN
  • Arabic: مَدْرَسَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: escola
  • Chinese: 学校
  • Croatian: škola
  • Czech: škola
  • Danish: skole
  • Dutch: school
  • European Spanish: colegioinfantil
  • Finnish: koulu
  • French: école
  • German: Schule
  • Greek: σχολείο
  • Italian: scuola
  • Japanese: 学校
  • Korean: 학교
  • Norwegian: skole
  • Polish: szkoła
  • Portuguese: escola
  • Romanian: școală școli
  • Russian: школа
  • Spanish: colegio
  • Swedish: skola
  • Thai: โรงเรียน
  • Turkish: okul
  • Ukrainian: школа
  • Vietnamese: trường học

Example Sentences Including 'school'

It was galling to someone who had been one of the leading lights of his school in Ancelstierre.
He's not a tyke, he went to public school , he's not even English.
Anthony Masters CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD (2001)
Um, that's a game I used to play at school , in Ancelstierre.


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