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scrutiny  (ˈskruːtɪnɪ



(plural) -nies
  1. close or minute examination
  2. a searching look
    1. (in the early Christian Church) a formal testing that catechumens had to undergo before being baptized
    2. a similar examination of candidates for holy orders

Word Origin

C15: from Late Latin scrūtinium an investigation, from scrūtārī to search (originally referring to rag-and-bone men), from scrūta rubbish


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= examination, study, investigation, search, inquiry, analysis, inspection, exploration, sifting, once-over (informal), perusal, close study

Translations for 'scrutiny'

  • British English: scrutiny If a person or thing is under scrutiny, they are being studied or observed very carefully. NOUNHis private life came under media scrutiny.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: escrutínio
  • Chinese: 仔细研究仔细細研究
  • European Spanish: escrutinio
  • French: examen minutieux
  • German: Untersuchung
  • Italian: esame accurato
  • Japanese: 監視
  • Korean: 정밀 조사
  • Portuguese: escrutínio
  • Spanish: escrutinio

Example Sentences Including 'scrutiny'

Repeated scrutiny of the photographs had filled her with despondency.
Appiganesi, Lisa Dreams of Innocence
She was conscious of Stephen subjecting her to a puzzled scrutiny.
Stewart, Michael Compulsion
The exact proportion only becomes apparent during scrutiny on the Day of Judgment.
Matthews, Lew A Conviction of Guilt


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