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scunnered (ˈskʌnəd Pronunciation for scunnered



(dialect, mainly Scottish)
  1. annoyed, discontented, or bored
  2. nauseated or disgusted, esp from a surfeit of food, drink, etc

Word Origin

C15: of unknown origin

scunner (ˈskʌnə Pronunciation for scunner ; Scottish ˈskʌnər)  (dialect) (mainly Scottish)



  1. (intransitive) to feel aversion
  2. (transitive) to produce a feeling of aversion in


  1. a strong aversion (often in the phrase take a scunner to)
  2. an object of dislike; nuisance

Word Origin

C14: from Scottish skunner, of unknown origin

Example Sentences Including 'scunnered'

That's why the people don't turn out - because they are scunnered.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
Three years ago, he returned from the Commonwealth Games empty-handed and scunnered with amateur boxing.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)


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