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scupper1 (ˈskʌpə Pronunciation for scupper1



  1. (nautical) a drain or spout allowing water on the deck of a vessel to flow overboard
  2. an opening in the side of a building for draining off water
  3. a drain in a factory floor for running off the water from a sprinkler system

Word Origin

C15 skopper, of uncertain origin; perhaps related to scoop

scupper2 (ˈskʌpə Pronunciation for scupper2


verb (transitive)

  1. (slang) to overwhelm, ruin, or disable
  2. to sink (one's ship) deliberately

Word Origin

C19: of unknown origin

Example Sentences Including 'scupper'

Webb closed his eyes briefly, hoping the spontaneous gesture wouldn't scupper the SOCOs" chances of lifting vital fibres.
Fraser, Anthea The Gospel Makers


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