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Definitions of sevens

sevens  (ˈsɛvənz



  1. (functioning as singular) a Rugby Union match or series of matches played with seven players on each side

seven  (ˈsɛvən



  1. the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one and is a prime number See also number (sense 1
  2. a numeral, 7, VII, etc, representing this number
  3. the amount or quantity that is one greater than six
  4. anything representing, represented by, or consisting of seven units, such as a playing card with seven symbols on it
  5. Also called: seven o'clock seven hours after noon or midnight


    1. amounting to seven   ⇒ seven swans a-swimming
    2. (as pronoun)   ⇒ you've eaten seven already related prefixes hepta- septi-

Word Origin

Old English seofon; related to Gothic sibun, German sieben, Old Norse sjau, Latin septem, Greek hepta, Sanskrit saptá

Example Sentences Including 'sevens'

`You know how some people make ones that look like sevens ?
Pickard, Nancy No Body


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