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shabby  (ˈʃæbɪ



-bier -biest
  1. threadbare or dilapidated in appearance
  2. wearing worn and dirty clothes; seedy
  3. mean, despicable, or unworthy   ⇒ shabby treatment
  4. dirty or squalid

Derived Forms

ˈshabbily  adverb
ˈshabbiness  noun

Word Origin

C17: from Old English sceabb scab + -y1


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= tatty, worn, ragged, scruffy, faded, frayed, worn-out, tattered, threadbare, down at heel, the worse for wear, having seen better days

Translations for 'shabby'

  • British English: shabby Shabby things or places look old and in bad condition.His clothes were old and shabby.ˈʃæbɪ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: بالٍ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: surrado surrada
  • Chinese: 破旧的
  • Croatian: otrcan otrcana
  • Czech: zanedbaný
  • Danish: luvslidt
  • Dutch: versleten
  • European Spanish: gastado gastada
  • Finnish: nuhruinen
  • French: défraîchi
  • German: schäbig
  • Greek: φθαρμένος φθαρμένη
  • Italian: logoro logora
  • Japanese: みすぼらしい
  • Korean: 초라한
  • Norwegian: sjasket
  • Polish: wytarty wytarta
  • Portuguese: esfarrapado esfarrapada
  • Romanian: ponosit ponosit, ponosită, ponosiți, ponosite
  • Russian: убогий убогая
  • Spanish: gastado gastada
  • Swedish: sjabbig sjabbigt
  • Thai: มองดูเก่า
  • Turkish: eski püskü
  • Ukrainian: поношений
  • Vietnamese: tiều tụy

Example Sentences Including 'shabby'

It was becoming more shabby , she noticed in the light from the overhead bulb; its brown waxed surface mottled with darker stains.
Murray, Stephen Death and Transfiguration
The lights came on, the screen looked suddenly empty and shabby.
Hilton, John Buxton Displaced Person
The man turned, nervously; he was slight, shabby , unremarkable.
Malcolm, John The Gwen John Sculpture


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