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shade  (ʃeɪd



  1. relative darkness produced by the blocking out of light
  2. a place made relatively darker or cooler than other areas by the blocking of light, esp sunlight
  3. a position of relative obscurity
  4. something used to provide a shield or protection from a direct source of light, such as a lampshade
  5. a darker area indicated in a painting, drawing, etc, by shading
  6. a colour that varies slightly from a standard colour due to a difference in hue, saturation, or luminosity   ⇒ a darker shade of green
  7. a slight amount   ⇒ a shade of difference
  8. (literary) a ghost
  9. an archaic word for shadow
  10. See put in the shade

verb (mainly transitive)

  1. to screen or protect from heat, light, view, etc
  2. to make darker or dimmer
  3. to represent (a darker area) in (a painting, drawing, etc), by means of hatching, using a darker colour, etc
  4. (also intransitive) to change or cause to change slightly
  5. to lower (a price) slightly

Derived Forms

ˈshadeless  adjective

Word Origin

Old English sceadu; related to Gothic skadus, Old High German skato, Old Irish scāth shadow, Greek skotos darkness, Swedish skäddä fog


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= shadow, cover, screen, shadows, shelter, coolness, shadiness
= ghost, spirit, shadow, phantom, spectre, manes, apparition, eidolon, kehua (New Zealand)
= dimness, gloom, twilight, dusk, obscurity, murkiness, gloominess, semidarkness
= sunglasses, dark glasses, Raybans (trademark)
= darken, shadow, cloud, dim, cast a shadow over, shut out the light
= turn, transmute, change gradually

Translations for 'shade'

  • British English: shade Shade is a cool area of darkness where the sun does not reach.These plants need some shade, humidity and fresh air.ʃeɪd NOUN
  • Arabic: ظِلّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sombra
  • Chinese: 荫凉处
  • Croatian: nijansa
  • Czech: stínmísto
  • Danish: skygge
  • Dutch: schaduw
  • European Spanish: sombralugar
  • Finnish: varjo
  • French: ombre
  • German: Schatten
  • Greek: σκιά
  • Italian: ombra
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 그늘
  • Norwegian: nyanse
  • Polish: cień
  • Portuguese: sombra
  • Romanian: răcoare răcori
  • Russian: тень
  • Spanish: sombra
  • Swedish: skugga
  • Thai: ร่ม ที่ร่ม
  • Turkish: gölgetente, ağaç altı
  • Ukrainian: затінок
  • Vietnamese: chỗ râm
  • British English: shade If you say that a place or person is shaded by objects such as trees, you mean that the place or person cannot be reached, harmed, or bothered by strong sunlight because those objects are in the way. VERB...a health resort whose beaches are shaded by palm trees.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sombrear
  • Chinese: 遮蔽使不受阳光伤害
  • European Spanish: proteger del sol
  • French: ombrager
  • German: beschatten
  • Italian: ombreggiare
  • Japanese: 陰にする
  • Korean: 그늘지다
  • Portuguese: sombrear
  • Spanish: proteger del sol

Example Sentences Including 'shade'

He sat against the cliff, leaning comfortably in the shade , with his long legs stretched out in front.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
He walked, a brisk walk through still, hot, empty gardens -- the shade , the sun, the black, the white.
Mary Calder was walking toward the center of town, stepping through the dappled shade cast by the tall elms.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)


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