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shallot or shalot (ʃəˈlɒt Pronunciation for shalot



  1. Also called: scallion. an alliaceous plant, Allium ascalonicum, cultivated for its edible bulb
  2. the bulb of this plant, which divides into small sections and is used in cooking for flavouring and as a vegetable

Word Origin

C17: from Old French eschalotte, from Old French eschaloigne, from Latin Ascalōnia caepa Ascalonian onion, from Ascalon, a Palestinian town

Translations for 'shallot'

  • British English: shallot Shallots are small round vegetables that are the roots of a crop and are similar to onions. They have a strong taste and are used for flavouring other food. NOUN
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cebolinha
  • Chinese: 冬葱
  • European Spanish: chalote
  • French: échalote
  • German: Schalotte
  • Italian: scalogna
  • Japanese: シャロット
  • Korean: 샬롯 이라는 작은 양파의 일종
  • Portuguese: cebolinha
  • Spanish: chalote


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