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shufty or shufti (ˈʃʊftɪ Pronunciation for ˈʃʌftɪ Pronunciation for )



(plural) -ties
  1. (British, slang) a look; peep

Word Origin

C20: from Arabic

shufti or shufty (ˈʃʌftɪ;  ˈʃʊftɪ)



Word forms:   plural shufties
  1. (British, slang) a quick look; a peep

    to have a shufti (at sth/sb) or to take a shufti (at sth/sb)   ⇒ Nice jewellery -- have a shufti.

Example Sentences Including 'shufty'

However, a quick shufty at the Sun claims matchstick Moss has already given the Libertines layabout the big heave-ho.
Megastar (2005)
Now, let's go and have a little shufty around upstairs, shall we?
Sue Welfare FALLEN WOMEN (2002)


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